Adobe Flash has long since been discontinued on Android, but there"s an easy workaround in the size of the Puffin web Browser.

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Flash is no longer natively supported by Android, but there are ways around it

ByMarie Black, Editor In Chief

| 26 Mar 2020

Image: iStock

The Adobe Flash Player was once the gold standard for displaying multimedia online, with nearly all websites relying on it in some way. The omission of Flash on early iPads was even considered a big selling point for game android devices.

However, the ứng dụng was removed from the Google Play Store in 2012, và hasn"t been natively supported since app android Jelly Bean.

That"s not to say that there"s nothing which still uses Flash online, & it can be incredibly frustrating when you come across something which your browser doesn"t support. Fortunately, there"s an easy workaround which just involves you downloading a third-party app.

Install the Puffin website Browser

If you use Android, it"s highly likely you"ll be using Google Chrome as it"s the mặc định browser. One of its few shortcomings in the lack of Flash support, so you"ll need to tải về an alternative from the Play Store.

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Our đứng top pick is the free Puffin website Browser, which offers a no-frills way lớn get flash on your device. Sure it lacks the slick performance & intuitive UI of Chrome, but it"s the best way we"ve found so far.

Developers CloudMosa can achieve this by running the latest version over its cloud servers, which are based in the US. This does mean that you may run into problems when trying to lớn access any geo-restricted content.

That said, it is a sản phẩm điện thoại browser, và by default will open web pages optimised for mobile. That can often mean no Flash. To switch khổng lồ desktop mode just click the menu icon at the đứng top right and slide on the toggle for "Request desktop site".

This change can be made permanent in Puffin"s settings - tap the thực đơn icon, tap the Settings cog, then under trang web preference choose "Request desktop site".

Click here to download the Puffin website Browser, while a popular alternative isPhoton Flash Player và Browseris an alternative khổng lồ Puffin for viewing Flash video and websites on Android.