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This recap will in no wayacknowledge that America’s Next Top Model is over.

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OK, sure, the Cycle 22 finale doubledas the series finale for The CW’s reality staple, but as long as there’s booching and tooching, until innocent young children stop looking into the mirror and smiling with their eyes, then Tyra Banks’ contributions khổng lồ the world of modeling & the pop-cultural pantheon will never die. (Oh, also, there’s this.)

In addition lớn the crowning of ANTM‘s final champ, we also got plenty of the usual Tyr-rificness, along with corresponding burning questions:What was the khuyến mãi with our host/exec producer’s hideous sheer pants —combined with baffling front-seam granny panties? Is there an American Sign Language word for “sexified”(seeing how Tyra dropped it in her final critique of deaf contestant Nyle)? Willevery person on camera this season (whose name isn’t Tyra) be folding sweaters at The Gap by this time next week?

Anyhow, let’s briefly recap how Cycle 22 ended, shall we?

The Final 4 —Lacey, Mamé, Mikey and Nyle —gave sầu presentations about how they’d position themselves as models, spokespeople & humanitarian business moguls… & if I’m being honest, their mid-90s graphics and poorly polished monologues didn’t impress me much.

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Nevertheless, the two competitors who rocked their Zappos Couture photo shoots (Mikey and Lacey) got the boot, while Mamé and Nyle (who gave sầu the same expression in each Zappos pic) advanced to the final challenge.

You pretty much knew Mamé was toast when she excitedly/bitchily described Nyle’s failure lớn move sầu to the music on his first runway pass. Oh, sure, her strut was more ferocious-sexy-cool, & Nyle’s tended more toward “bulls of Pamplomãng cầu,” but when he got the far better outfit (one not emblazoned with the number “22”) for final judgment, all suspense was over.

The winner of Cycle 22: Nyle! The one weeping inkhổng lồ the arms of the mother she kept saying had never been there for her: Mamé!

Apparently, The CW slashed the show’s confetti budget, as only a few strands of rainbow-colored paper flitted down on Nyle’s head after his name got called. Then again, it’s not about the accessories, but the model’s ability to work ’em, right?

What did you think of Nyle’s Cycle 22 win? Was the finale a fitting kết thúc lớn the series? Was this the right time to kết thúc ANTM or do you hope it comes baông chồng in some capacity? Grade the hour below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!