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Hướng dẫn Viết đoạn văn bằng Tiếng Anh về Shopping ngắn gọn, tuyệt nhất. Tuyển tập các bài viết đoạn văn bằng Tiếng Anh về Shopping đặc sắc.

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Viết đoạn văn bởi Tiếng Anh về Shopping - bài mẫu 1


Like many people, I go shopping on a regular basis. Sometimes, I go shopping for fun. In this essay, I will write about my favorite shopping memory. It was about 2 months ago on a weekend. My friends and I went lớn a shopping center named Vincom. We arrived there at around 2PM. It was my first time going there so everything was new for me. The building was huge và stunning. There are many types of stores. We did some window-shopping và had a lot of fun. Then we saw a cool shoe store. We stepped inside & picked a pair of shoes for each of us. After that, we went khổng lồ a clothing store và tried on beautiful clothes. We ended up buying lots of new clothes. At 7:30PM, we had dinner in the same mall. I think shopping is a great activity to vì with friends.

Viết đoạn văn bởi Tiếng Anh về Shopping - bài bác mẫu 2

I am a shopaholic. Lớn me, shopping is not only khổng lồ buy beautiful & necessary items but also lớn entertain myself. I like going shopping on weekends with my friends, my family or on my own. I can have a great time lifting my mood through shopping. A supermarket or a shopping mall is where I often go shopping, but a few local shops và independent stores are also not bad choices.

When I am on tight budget, I have to lớn think carefully before making a decision. Mostly I bởi vì window shopping to lớn see if there are any things at reasonable prices or are on sale. If I just receive my salary, I often spend a lot. A large amount of my money goes into clothes, books & decorations. Generally, shopping is a relaxing experience.

Viết đoạn văn bởi Tiếng Anh về Shopping - bài bác mẫu 3

For most people, online shopping has played an important part in everyday life. Online shopping is suitable for people who are too busy khổng lồ go out or just enjoy the convenience of ordering things online. There are numerous things available online: clothes, furniture, food và drinks, household appliances và even … motorbikes. The online shopping routine is different for everyone. Lots of people shop online everyday. Some others siêu thị online once a week & some people only vì chưng it once a month. People can directly contact shops to order or they can purchase things through e-commerce websites. Some popular online shopping sites are: Amazon, Taobao, Shopee, Tiki, Lazada,… Thanks khổng lồ online shopping, people can save lots of time. I believe that online shopping will continue khổng lồ improve & develop in the future.

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Viết đoạn văn bằng Tiếng Anh về Shopping - bài bác mẫu 4

I enjoy going shopping, especially in the sales season, because you can find a lot of special prices. But there are some questions related lớn going shopping that I don’t like. The first thing is:

When I find a bargain, I feel strange. On one hand, I’m happy to find something cheap, but on the other hand, I think “this is the real price for this thing, so I have paid too much for this thing all the year!” Another question related khổng lồ this is: when I see, for example, a lot of trousers very cheap but nobody has bought them, I think “this is very suspicious”!

The second question is that in the sales, all the shops & the shopping malls are full of people & you must bởi vì long queues! For this, I prefer the second or the third sales, as there aren’t lots of people và the fitting rooms are empty!

And the third question is: I don’t lượt thích the consumer atmosphere in the sales. This is because, when you see a good bargain, you don’t think if you really need it, you only think: “It‘s cheap! I have to lớn buy it!”

Nowadays, we have another possibility lớn buy: we can siêu thị online. On the one hand, that is good because it is very fast and easy, because you may buy without leaving your home. However, you must be careful with your credit card, because if the website isn’t safe, somebody can copy your information & buy with your money!

Finally, I want to talk about a sickness related to go shopping: the compulsive buyer. These people have an addiction and they buy a lot of things that they don’t need và spend a lot of money with this.

Viết đoạn văn bằng Tiếng Anh về Shopping - bài mẫu 5

Nowadays, within the rapid change in human lifestyle, our shopping habits are also shifting into newer forms. This trend is caused by several reasons, which consequently affects our future. 

The world is experiencing the rise of E-commerce, which changes the definition of the traditional way of shopping. Online sales have been dramatically rising over the last 5 years in Vietnam. Vietnam’s e-commerce revenue in 2018 reached 2.269 billion USD. Up khổng lồ 49.8 million people have used online purchase. Millions of people have connected lớn social networks khổng lồ view and buy & sell goods.

We only need to browse for items và click to showroom to the cart. A few days later, the delivery come và we get the items without having lớn go lớn the stores. Individuals can choose lớn sell their products on social networks or online shopping platforms. Many shops keep both online & offline stores. This means that online banks, e-wallet & payment portals – online payment methods also take a step in this area. Many of these have offer promotions to motivate customers to lớn use their services. 

There are several reasons that lead khổng lồ these changes, mostly due to the improvement of giải pháp công nghệ in modern society. The world is booming in computer networks as people can quickly communicate & connect through a variety of services on the Internet. Many people own at least one smartphone. Also, online shopping is now all about convenience. Everything can be purchased in only one click.

Online shopping helps consumers have more choices about products và services, lower time lớn purchase & travel costs, creating opportunities to buy products with lower prices, access lớn more information, … Customers just need khổng lồ wait for the delivery lớn come. They can pay in advance by e-wallet with discounts. Also, Vietnamese government is signing various international trade agreements, facilitating large companies in e-commerce industry like Amazon khổng lồ go into Vietnam, encouraging Vietnamese citizens khổng lồ reduce the use of cash, which has a positive effect on how shopping habits are changing.

To me, I believe these changes in people’s shopping habits are beneficial to lớn ourselves & crucial in the development of society. This trend requires companies khổng lồ pay more attention khổng lồ meet customers’ needs in the future.