Cập nhật bộ điều hợp màn hình không dây microsoft


The tiện ích was able to do all these with the help of a Google HDMI Dongle. Unfortunately, this was short-lived as Google released an update on Chromecast that broke down AllCast. Undeterred, the AllCast tiện ích developer continued his work on AllCast, và right now the ứng dụng is on the Google play store.

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Chromecast still did not tư vấn AllCast but the AllCast developer has focused more on DNLS devices which means that you can get & use the tiện ích from almost all devices that you hook your TV on to. This includes Xbox One, Xbox 360, táo bị cắn dở TV, Roku boxes, Samsung & Panasonic TVs among others.

It is also very simple to lớn use AllCast – just tap on the video or photo that you want to view on your TV & it will immediately be displayed on your TV. A scrubber bar will appear at the bottom of your game android device and you can use the controls when you pull down the Android’s notification bar.

The developer still believed that his ứng dụng will still be supported by Chromecast. This belief turned into reality when Google later opened Chromecast khổng lồ all developers và now AllCast could use Chromecast.

How bởi I Use AllCast App?

With these developments, AllCast users can still stream content from their SD cards lớn their TVs. Khổng lồ use AllCast, all you need to vì chưng is launch the app, select your type of truyền thông and AllCast will vì chưng the rest lớn help you connect to lớn your TV.

Also thanks to lớn the Chromecast’s SDK official update, AllCast users can use the Google dongle again lớn connect their phones khổng lồ their TVs using AllCast.

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Is AllCast for PC Windows 7 Available?

As stated, AllCast is not available in any Windows OS version. To tải về the app android app version on your Windows 7 PC, follow these guidelines;


Tap on the android icon.Select the AllCast android file you downloaded earlier.Wait for the AllCast ứng dụng to download.

How to Use AllCast phầm mềm on PC

Using BlueStacks as a medium lớn access AllCast on your PC is one method. The other method is using the AllCast chrome extension. With the extension, you only need to open chrome and start using it.

Final Words

AllCast for viewing our photos or videos is a very reliable app that you can use when you want to lớn view your photos or videos with your friends at home on your TV. The phầm mềm is không lấy phí to download and use so you can simply download it and use it immediately.

The tiện ích has a basic version that allows you to use it alongside their ads. If you are not interested in the ads you can pay for the premium version which is $4.99 monthly. The premium version also comes packed up with other features that you will love.

If you have to use your PC, then you will need to use an emulator. If you decide lớn use BlueStacks you must ensure that you meet all the requirements that your PC is looking for.