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The world is filled with weird flash games. Some of them are great và original, while others just feel lượt thích lazy cash-ins. There are also those that are surprisingly fun, even if they vì chưng not seem lượt thích it from the get go. Which of these categories does the 2d fighter Bleach vs na-ru-to 2.4 fall into?

I am greeted by a fairly standard title screen that features an image of Naruto & Ichigo doing battle with a range of options showing up in between them. As I have not watched neither na-ru-to nor Bleach for a very long time, I instantly start wondering if the shows have evolved at all, or if it is still your standard action anime. I then take a look at what modes the trò chơi offers. The first one is called “Nornal”. This is either supposed lớn be Normal or the developers have managed to create a completely new mode unheard of in any other fighting game. This is followed by Vs Computer, Vs Human, Training, Config, Information & More Games options. I decide lớn choose this “Normal” mystery mode which I presume is the standard mode, it is the first option on the danh mục after all. An instruction screen then shows me how to lớn play the game và it seems fairly simple to lớn me. W, A, S, D moves my character while J, K, L, U, I and finally O are used to lớn perform various moves from my chosen fighters repertoire.

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A battle on a bridge can be epic.

After getting used to the control scheme, I beat a series of opponents in easy fashion until I had lost count on how many battles I had fought. Suddenly a screen popped up congratulating me for beating all my enemies và told me khổng lồ try a higher difficulty level. The notification was poorly translated too. I decided khổng lồ obey the game & try out some other characters at the same time. While doing this I came up with the following answer to the question that I asked at the beginning of this article:

Bleach vs Naruto 2.4 manages khổng lồ feel lượt thích a lazy cash-in on two of the biggest anime franchises in the world. While the characters and controls are decent, the rest of the trò chơi does not give me any incentive khổng lồ go back to lớn it at all. The gameplay feels repetitive after a while, the music is terrible and it is very hard to try lớn talk a friend into playing the game with me, which really is the best way khổng lồ enjoy an old-style 2D fighting game.

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The only thing that Bleach vs Naruto did for me was make me feel guilty for not keeping up with the anime shows for several years and for spending 60 minutes of my time with the game. It does however offer a quick way lớn have showdowns between characters from both shows, which might be enough lớn satisfy the hardcore fans of Bleach & Naruto.

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