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Maximum file size exceeded!The file exceeds the maximum file form size allowed. Please feel miễn phí to use our desktop version.

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Maximum pages exceeded!

The tệp tin exceeds the maximum number of pages allowed. Please feel không lấy phí to use our desktop version.

Maximum pages exceeded!

To increase the page limit per file to 2000 pages, please subscribe khổng lồ Pro.

Maximum file form size exceeded!

To increase the kích thước limit per file to 100MB, please subscribe lớn Pro.

Upload completed Waitting Upload failed Damaged file Invalid tệp tin Type! file protected Converting Compressing PDF fileData.operateProcess + "%" Conversion Completed fileSizeFormat fileData.file_size Resize completed Conversion failed,Please try again later! This tệp tin is compressed và cannot be compressed further. Compression failed! Resize failed
High High compression, less qualityMedium Good compression, good qualityLow Less compression, high quality
Resize by percentage: % px px

numberError Note: we will maintain aspect ratio while resizing image.


How lớn reduce image size online:

1. Import the image that you want lớn compress.2. Choose the compression degree, i.e., high, medium, và low.3. After selecting, press “Compress” button lớn process.4. Our image compressor will compress your image in seconds.5. Click on “Download” button khổng lồ export.

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Your Images Stay Private

All the images that you upload on our JPG size reducer will remain concealed & private. Our servers don"t save user data. Your privacy is strictly secured, và no one can access your documents.

Functional and miễn phí Converter

Compress JPEG on our miễn phí online platform. It is a well-designed handy tool to compress your images within seconds. You won"t be wasting time downloading softwares & waiting for slow conversions.

Web-based Platform image optimizer supports multiple browsers và devices. It works on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. It works perfectly on various browser platforms such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE, etc.

Image kích thước Compressor API

We wish to deliver functional compressor tools so our users can immediately compress files without any delay. Our team delivers high-quality programming. You can try out compressor tool online free!

An Exceptional Compressor

In several applications, large image files are unacceptable và unusable. You can use our online compressor to optimize all images. Our easy-to-use tool will reduce image size without any signups.

Compress in the Clouds

Your JPG compressions will take place in the clouds. Besides downloading the images into your local device, you can also upload your compressed JPG Google Drive or Dropbox.