Ho chi minh mausoleum entrance fee

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Ho bỏ ra Minh‘s Mausoleum has long been considered as the first place khổng lồ come for the first time travelers to Hanoi thanks to its tremendous historical value. Everyone wants khổng lồ make a pilgrimage there to lớn show their respect for Ho bỏ ra Minh (Uncle Ho – President Ho), the Greatest President, who led Vietnam to Independence. Being there, visitors can not only discover more about Ho chi Minh’s life và role in Vietnamese history but also enlarge their knowledge about Vietnam’s history reflected in the complex’s components.

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I. Who is Ho bỏ ra Minh?  II. Architecture & Structure of the ComplexIII. How khổng lồ Get khổng lồ Ho bỏ ra Minh Mausoleum Complex IV. Tips on Visiting

I. Who is Ho đưa ra Minh?  

Ho bỏ ra Minh (original name Nguyen Sinh Cung, also called Nguyen Tat Thanh or Nguyen Ai Quoc, (May 19th, 1890 – September 2nd, 1969) is not only a revolutionary and politician but also the most iconic & national hero of Vietnam.

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Located within Ho đưa ra Minh Complex, this special museum took people nearly 5 years lớn complete & was constructed khổng lồ celebrate Ho đưa ra Minh’s 100 years of birth. Ho bỏ ra Minh Museum was made in the shape of a huge white flower, 20 meters in height & has 3 floors.

The ground floor is a hall with 400 seats, which is usually used to lớn host Vietnam’s national as well as international meetings. On the second floor, a tremendous exhibition has been displayed, which contains more than 2000 priceless historical documents and show-pieces, systematically reflecting Uncle Ho’s Working Life and Vietnam’s Revolutionary Stages.

The exhibition here contains three main contents:

How Vietnamese people follow Ho bỏ ra Minh’s Testament and How was his life as well as Revolutionary Cause.How Vietnamese people’s Life turned from Poverty into Victory under the lead of Uncle Ho.The world’s major historical events, shown in 8 halls. Location: 185/19 Ngoc Ha, Doi Can, ba Dinh, Hanoi Opening days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday Opening hours: Morning: from 08:00 to lớn 12:00 Afternoon: from 14:00 lớn 16:30 Phone: 024 3846 3757 Entrance fee: 25.000 VND (~$1)