Be charged with - means khổng lồ be responsible, be in the commvà or in the control of something.

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Apparently, they seem to lớn persize the same function. Nevertheless, I presume "Be in charge of something" is used when the object is a noun -

I am in charge of the work

Whereas "Be charged with something" is used when the object is a verb (which is always followed by -ING)

As you can see in here: charge - Cambridge

I am charged with supervising the kitchen


Bot can be used with either a noun or a verb. I would say the main differences are meaning/connotation và frequency.

"I am charged with" has more of a sense of delegation. It implies pretty strongly that there is a superior who "charged" you with a task. As Edwin Ashworth said, it is not a very common expression nowadays.

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"I am in charge of" doesn"t usually imply this. In fact, the expression "(be) in charge" is often used to describe people at the very top of the hierarchy, và can be used without any object, as in "She is the person in charge around here."



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