Kẹo cực đắng (băng my): đáp án thi ioe vòng 1 bài con cá (bài làm 4) lớp 11

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Bạn đang xem: Kẹo cực đắng (băng my): đáp án thi ioe vòng 1 bài con cá (bài làm 4) lớp 11

Bạn đang xem xét Đáp Án Ioe vòng eo thon Lớp 11 – Hội những người Ghét Thi Hungry Fish bên trên Ioe cần không? như thế nào hãy cùng huyenkhuong.com đón xem bài viết này ngay tiếp sau đây nhé, vì chưng nó khôn cùng thú vị và hay đấy!

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Cau hoi :1. Nam giới is too young, so he can”t take part in the project lớn be trained khổng lồ be—- an astronaut.2. What – dangerous thing to do! You might have been killed.3. Language, the — we express ourselves, is avitsl part of learning.4. People used to think that heavy things always fell faster —- light things.5. — you can give a reasonable explanation for your bad behavior last night. I”ll forgive you.6. Ha Noi is the capital of Viet Nam, the political, economic, cultural, com——- & tourist center of the country.7. I an writting to explain —– the dirt and smoke which come from your factory chimneys.8. Recently in Greece many parents complained —– the difficult homework which teachers gave to their children.9. The baby is crying. —- you look after him while I prepare his milk?10. Despite — illness, he went khổng lồ the station with his friends.11. It is impossible — them to enter the country at present. 11 for12. He doén”t ask me for help, possibly because I never ask him — help.13. Tim is — of the participants on a boat trip on LAke Michigan.14. Tuan, — studies the best of us , is very active.15. The —- of British currency is the pound sterling: 1 pound=100 pence.16. Please don”t interrupt me —- I”m talking.17. —-ough John was the eldaest in the family; he always let his sister take charge of the house.18.

Đang xem: đáp án ioe vòng eo thon lớp 11

Many people now think that teachers give students — much homework.19. Environmental pollution is a term that tells to lớn all the ways by which — pollutes his surroundings.20. A newspaper is a pubblication containing —-, information và advertising.21. The weather —-cast predictes a drop in temperature tomorrow.22. My brother is much taller than I–.23. Either Pike — his sister has taken the keys lớn the car.24. She dresses in red — that everyone will take notice of her.25. I couldn”t make coffee for everybody. There weren”t —-gh cups.26. No one dided in the accident, did —-?27. Peter is poor, — he usually helps the handicapped.28. We have known each other since we —- children.29. In the United States, people —– each other with a handshake in a formal introduction.30. Hung will write — essay on the life of President Ho đưa ra Minh.31. Today there are more than 700 million English —– in the world.32. Please — attention to what I am saying.33. She is fond of her nephew in —– of his terrible behavior.34. They have been married — ten years but they have no children.35. Magazines are typically pub—— weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonnthly or quarterly.36. Choose a correct reply of the following expression:”Do you want this one — that one?”-“I don”t mind. You choose”.

Dap an1.come2.a3.way4.than5.if6.mercial7.about8.about9.Will10.his11.for12.for13.one14.who15.unit16.when17.although18.too19.man20.news21.fore22.am23.or24.so25.enough26.they27.but28.were29.greet30.an31.users32.pay33.spite34.for35.published36.or

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