Magerealm: Rise Of Chaos

Minimum Requirements (Windows): Windows 7 OS, intel Pentium 4 processorPlatforms: Browser, Facebook,Release Date: 2015Publisher: Gtarcade


It is a good adventure trò chơi which you won't need lớn spend cash.It is simple & easy lớn play.You can easily learn how to lớn play the trò chơi with help of quest và quest tracker.There are nice warrior, mage and assassination skills but needs khổng lồ be improved.Graphics are not bad at all.You can play it with your Facebook account.100% không tính tiền to play.The trò chơi also has rpg stuffs.

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Magerealm is a game which has been published by producers of League of Angels II. The trò chơi is a good Adventure MMORPG and there is not much strategy into it. You can play the trò chơi freely và control your nhân vật as you wish. However you won’t able khổng lồ control other characters who you will deploy near of your hero. Graphics of the game is not bad & it will satisfy you if you care for graphics.

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Magerealm: Rise of Chaos Gameplay

You can select one of three nhân vật types at the beginning of the game. These are Realmguard, Spellmaster & Truthkeeper. Realmguard is looking lượt thích Knight class in FRP games. He is tanky but he doesn’t make much damage. However it has high defence points. Spellmaster is a kind of mage with a good defence stat points. HP và Attack stats is average of this class on the game. Truthkeepers are like Assassins. They have light armors, strong weapons và low HP. After you select one of these classes, you can begin to lớn your adventure in the game. You can easily learn how to lớn play the game with quest tracker of the game. Nowadays almost every browser games has this feature. You will able to lớn get several quests from NPCs in the game và you will need to lớn use your skills while you are doing these tasks. You can use skills with numbers in your keyboard. (Numbers located above of letters, not Numpad.) If you don’t feel lượt thích hitting your keyboard, you can use Auto-Mode in the game. Your nhân vật will attack automatically in the battlefield & in quest. You will able lớn get some không lấy phí items from the trò chơi each day you login. You will also receive gifts from the game from different times when you are online. Don’t forget to lớn obtain these gifts before you quit the game.