Fix: microsoft excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available memory


Many times, you might have observed that there is an excel sheet that you receive from another user, or when you try to lớn download a spreadsheet from a websiteand once you look forward to lớn opening it, there is an error message. The error message that states,

Microsoft Excel is closed or fails to save any further documents as there is a lack of space or memory.

To clear our space for free memory, close all workbooks or programs that aren"t in use. Also, delete the unused & unimportant files to miễn phí disk space.

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Don’t worry; the issue is not about the computer/system!

The problem is related khổng lồ a security warning related to lớn a particular kind of file. It prevents the user from opening and using the Excel tệp tin for specific reasons. Although these warnings are meant exclusively for the downloaded files, it may also be that they don’t apply lớn all files.

So, what’s next? Let’s try lớn fix the problem.

Fixing the Problem

Two methods are applied lớn fix the problem mentioned above.

Unblock file from the tệp tin Properties window

Step 1:Go lớn the desktop và right-click on the Excel file showing the error while opening.

Step 2:After that, select Properties on the right-click menu bar.


Step 3:In the Properties window, you will find the General tab. Under the General tab, move lớn the bottom, where you will find the Security section. From there, check on the box next to (in front of)Unblock.


Step 4:This is the last step to lớn press Apply & then OK to lớn save the changes and exit.

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You can try checking in và opening the Microsoft Excel tệp tin now to lớn evaluate if the file is functioning properly. It should xuất hiện up without any hassles & errors this time, but we’ll go for the second method if the first one doesn’t function.

Disable Protected View settings from Trust Centre

Step 1:Click on the file menu on the đứng đầu of your excel sheet.

Step 2: Select Options from the tệp tin menu. After that, click onTrust Centre, which will direct you khổng lồ a new menu.

Step 3:After entering the Trust Centre menu, you will see two options

Security và moreThe Trust Centre security & privacy. Below the second option, you’ll find a radio button in the right corner that reads, “Trust Centersettings.” Hit the button.


Step 4:After clicking it, go lớn the Trust Centre Setting. Click onProtected View.

Remove the ticks or deselect the following options listed belowEnable the Protected View option for files that originate from the InternetEnable Protected View for files located in a potentially unsafe locationEnable Protected View for Outlook attachments.


PressOKafter that to lớn apply the changes và exit.Try to mở cửa and work on the Excel tệp tin now. This time the tệp tin should xuất hiện up smoothly without any hassles or errors.


The problem with the excel file is not at all associated with the disk space in the majority of cases. Microsoft Excel features a security warning regarding the tệp tin type that one looks forward khổng lồ downloading & opening up. These particular security warnings usually feature in case of files that the user downloads from the Internet. It, however, doesn’t appear each time. The two methods listed above should vị the trick for you.