Pad mouse razer game khổ ( 250x330x2mm)

Only the slickest survive—so bring swift victory with this gaming mouse mat. Armed with an ultra-low friction hard surface that satisfies your need for tốc độ & a large surface area that offers freedom of movement, the Acari is your best bet when going up against the impossible.

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Designed for a low coefficient of friction, the Acari lets you make larger, quicker swipes effortlessly, reducing fatigue. For the absolute optimal glide, pair it with a gaming mouse with 100% PTFE feet.


Optimized for greater precision, the mat’s ultraviolet-activated nano-bead surface is layered with an oleophobic coating, and lab-tested khổng lồ ensure maximum tracking accuracy and responsiveness with all current-gene Pixart sensors, keeping your ayên true.


Larger than the average medium-sized gaming mouse mat, the Acari’s generous 4đôi mươi x 320mm surface allows you lớn make broad swipes without worry of running out of space, especially if you’re on a low DPI setting.
As thin as a nickel, the Acari’s lean form factor of 1.95mm is perfectly flat throughout, minimizing any possible discomfort when your wrist rests or moves along the edge of the mat as you game.

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The mat’s surface is waterproof & humidity-resistant, allowing for a longer lifespan and easy routine cleaning.
The mat’s rubberized base is reinforced with a special grip texture that maintains a firm hold on your desk, ensuring a rock-solid foundation when you’re making those epic flicks.
Get up lớn 1 year of warranty & access reliable tech support. Purchase directly from huyenkhuong.comStore và get 14 days risk-không tính tiền returns.

As our fasthử nghiệm hard mat, the Acari’s low-friction surface enables you to make larger, quicker swipes effortlessly, reducing fatigue.

With a lower coefficient of friction, there’s less resistance to mouse movements, so you’ll require less force và therefore are less fatigued over time.