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A spirited princess with the heart of a warrior embarks on a mission khổng lồ fulfill an ancient prophecy & save humanity from the wrath of vengeful gods.

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With the voices of Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna, Alfred Molina, Rita Moreno & more from the visionary mind behind “The Book of Life.”
Trailer: Maya & the Three
Teaser: Maya và the Three
Trailer 2: Maya and the Three
Teaser 2: Maya and the Three
A spirited princess with the heart of a warrior embarks on a mission lớn fulfill an ancient prophecy và save humanity from the wrath of vengeful gods.

On the day of Maya's coronation, an uninvited guest from the Underworld arrives with shocking news about her origins — then delivers a dire ultimatum.

A crushing loss sheds new light on an age-old prophecy, sending Maya on a far-flung quest to find three warriors who will help her save the world.

On Luna Island, Maya looks for the Rooster Wizard but winds up with the seemingly ordinary Rico, who's said to be " Greatest Wizard Who Ever Lived."

A tìm kiếm for the Jungle Lands' legendary Skull Archer leads Maya và Rico to lớn a gifted warrior: the reclusive Chimi, known to lớn locals as " Blanco."

A burly Golden Mountain Barbarian named Picchu joins Maya's các buổi tiệc nhỏ as the third foretold warrior. Later that night, Zatz confronts Maya about her motives.

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Lord Mictlan’s army attacks Teca, but Maya & her friends fight back. When the gods return, a second battle reveals strengths they didn't know they had.

Help springs from a surprising source when Maya và the Three come face-to-face with Lord Mictlan. In the end, a noble friend makes a selfless sacrifice.

After flying from danger, a devastated Maya sends her friends to warn their kingdoms that Lord Mictlan is coming. Lady Micte opens her heart.

A fateful battle begins in Teca between Lord Mictlan and his army và Maya và her allies. But how will it all end? In epic fashion.

Zoe SaldañaGabriel IglesiasDiego LunaGael García BernalRita MorenoAlfred MolinaAllen MaldonadoStephanie BeatrizKate del CastilloDanny TrejoCheech MarinRosie PerezQueen LatifahWyclef JeanIsabela MercedChelsea RendonJoaquín CosíoCarlos AlazraquiEric BauzaSandra Equihua