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PowerPoint (PPT) games are on of the most important teaching sida for any English teacher with a computer & screen in the class. What makes PPT games even more useful is that teachers can easily change the contents lớn suit their lesson plans.

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With PPT Bomb games you can review vocabulary, learn grammar or practice English phrases. The ideas are endless! There are many educational PPT games out there, và students love them, but it can be easy khổng lồ use them in the wrong way.

Teachers should pick the right PPT game Template, edit the nội dung and play the trò chơi correctly in class. In this article we will giới thiệu ESL Powerpoint Bomb game templates, give suggestions khổng lồ pick the right ones, show how lớn easily edit them and explain how to lớn play Powerpoint Bomb games in ESL class.

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How lớn play an ESL Bomb Game

When khổng lồ use a Powerpoint trò chơi in ESL Class?

PPT Bomb games are a lifesaver in any ESL class. Teachers can use it as a warmup lớn energize the class, a practice activity during the learning phase or at the over of class as a review.

Most of these games are based on movies or TV shows that kids enjoy, so they will have fun with the characters and elements from each story. That way you can focus on student engagement. Place students in groups so that they can play the trò chơi with other classmates. It’s more fun if there is a competitive element too.

The amount of students that you should địa chỉ per group depends on the class size. The maximum amount of groups that you should have is 4. More than that và it gets difficult to lớn keep control of the class & too much time in between each group’s turn so the students will get bored. 3 groups is the ideal amount.

Make sure that each student gets a turn in their groups, otherwise louder students will answer everything. If a shy student is stuck however, encourage them to lớn ask their friends. The aim on ESL Bomb games is for students to lớn learn, have fun & feel included.

30 ESL Powerpoint Games

Some of the best games on the site, all with fantastic animations, include Pokémon, Frozen, Avengers, Super Mario, Naruto và Harry Potter. On opening the Pokémon game one can see that it’s got some instructions for teachers on how lớn use it. Chú ý that Pokémon characters have different names in various languages, for example, in Korean Snorlax translates to something lượt thích Sleepy Giant.

Students can play individually or in teams & must select and answer questions lớn gain points. They can win bonus points, but are always at the risk of picking a bomb or losing their points when they have to lớn swap points with another team. Mystery balls & different actions by these famous animation characters keep students on the edge of their seats, making this game highly exciting và effective.

Download the PPT Bomb Games không tính tiền —> Click the RED ‘Download’ Button

How to edit PPT games for class

These PPT games can be easily edited using the Bomb trò chơi Generator. Step one is to open the PPT game, click and change the title, change the questions và answers to reviews a lot of the vocabulary and grammar that was done in class. Photos, images, sound bites & music can be added.

PowerPoint provides detailed step-by-step instructions & its VBA program will automatically adjust all images, sounds, and font settings. Drag-and-drop or copy & paste text or pictures onto the edit slides, which will automatically resize khổng lồ fit. The font settings can be made bigger or changed per single slide. One can even địa chỉ cửa hàng sound bites & music files. It won’t be necessary to fiddle with the slides, animations, or khổng lồ make links. The game is automatically saved as a PPT template file, along with thumbnail images.

Powerpoint Games Template for Kids

When picking a template for a PPT game to play with kids, make sure that it is:

A suitable màn chơi for the studentsAn interesting theme or topicCovers actual work from classNo bugs or too big when loading

You can download không tính phí PPT Games for Teaching English here:

PPT Games Template không tính tiền Download

Powerpoint Games for Zoom

It is possible khổng lồ play Powerpoint Games on Zoom with your students. Place students in groups and give each member a specific turn. If they are 3 in a group, tell each person what number they will be: First, second or third.

Take out a piece of paper khổng lồ write down the scores. That will make it easier khổng lồ keep score as you will be sharing the Powerpoint game.

Next, use the Sharescreen function khổng lồ show the Powerpoint trò chơi to your students. To make it even more fun try doing it in ‘advanced PPT sharing’ on Zoom. That way it will show you on the PPT – Almost like a cuộc chơi host!

Play the trò chơi normally. Here’s a pro tip: If a student struggles you can send them a hint through chat. That way they don’t feel embarrassed if they don’t know the answer.

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Pokemon PPT Game

Here is a fun Pokemon PPT Game that you can use with your students in class. You can địa chỉ questions, answers & each option has a different prize which makes learners enjoy the process.

You can download the Pokemon PPT Bomb game here:


You can địa chỉ cửa hàng 26 different questions for each letter of the alphabet. 26 is a good number because it doesn’t overwhelm students with too many options. Giving students a choice of what letter to lớn pick makes them more invested because it give them a say on their destiny. What fun is a game if you don’t take part. This investment is a good lesson for playing other learning games with students too.

Students pick from one of the 26 letters of the alphabet lớn play this ESL Bomb Game. Place the students into teams & within the teams each member gets a turn khổng lồ pick a letter và answer the question. It keeps them engaged và makes learning a social experience in stead of isolating the students as individual learners.


You can make a question & answer for each of the letters. Students are expected to lớn answer the question. If they get it right, they earn a prize but if they get it wrong, they get nothing. The whole idea behind using an esl bomb game is for students lớn learn while having fun. So don’t move on immediately if they get something wrong. Guide them to lớn the answer, that way you increase their confidence and helps them enjoy the class, which means that they are more likely to lớn return.

Make some of the questions more challenging and if a student has trouble answering, ask their partners if they can help them out. Teamwork makes these PPT bomb games more enjoyable.


When the student gives và answer, you can click on the pokeball if it is correct, or the “X” if it is incorrect. When you click on the pokeball, it will bring up a pokemon & an amount of points. Write the points for each team on the board và calculate a winner at the end. You don’t need lớn give a prize for the winning team, winning should be prize enough but sometimes it is fun to địa chỉ cửa hàng some stakes to the game. For example, winners can leave a minute early. It could be fun to add a punishment lượt thích losers have to bởi one extra question for homework, but the main idea is to keep the game fun and positive.

Students love the reveal of the pokemon because they start talking about what they know or like about the particular pokemon. That excitement and discussion generated makes bomb games centered around popular games so useful for esl class.

You can also make it a bomb, which means that the team will đại bại points. This is a funny surprise because students love the emotional rollercoaster ride. Try not to địa chỉ cửa hàng too many bombs though so that students can accumulate more points.


Pokemon PPT Bomb game is an easy khổng lồ edit, fun trò chơi to use in ESL class with younger learners.


A large number of games that were made using the PowerPoint bomb game generator can easily be adapted to be used in the classroom. PPT bomb games provides teachers with a great variety of fun ways to reviews lesson content in a format that students love. These games can all be edited changed khổng lồ contain the targeted vocabulary & grammar, but are often hard lớn find, which is why they are listed in this article. The best of these websites are monuments of huge selfless dedication by educators with a passion to lớn the profession who makes it available lớn other teachers too. Neil, the creator of the trang web discussed, deserves lớn be applauded for his blog, these games are fantastic for teaching English or perhaps any other subjects as well.

Thanks khổng lồ Neil at Team Teacher China!

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Website for free PowerPoint games for ESL / EFL classes:

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