Blake Lively và Ryan Reynolds attkết thúc the "Deadpool" bạn event at AMC Empire Theatre on February 8, 2016 in New York City.D Dipasupil/Getty Images


All’s fair in love sầu and trolling wars — just ask Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

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The couple, who got married in 2012, are known for their spot-on social media snark, which is more often than not aimed at their famous significant other.

For much of the duo’s relationship, the two have sầu been savagely one-upping each other.

Reynolds has poked fun at his wife for closing her eyes in photos, committing supernatural infidelity & unfollowing hyên ổn on Instagram. The Shallows star, for her part, has thrown her husband under the bus for his less than stellar motorcycle skills, flexing his muscles while saving a turtle and wanting pie instead of cake on his birthday.

When Lively và the Deadpool star’s trolling quickly escalated to include jokes about them splitting up or cheating on each other with Anmãng cầu Kendrick or Gigi Hadid, fans were nervous, but they realized it was just par for the course.

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The parents of daughters James, Inez and Betty are “two extremely proud & private people & keeping their relationship low-key and off radar is what’s worked so well for them over the years,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly in December 20trăng tròn. “Away from the cameras, people may find it surprising lớn hear they’re just a regular couple who love sầu to hang out và vày the normal things together without making a song & dance about it all.”

However, playful ribbing on Instagram and Twitter is fair game for this internet savvy pair, which is why no one is all that surprised if the Free Guy star posts a happy birthday message lớn his wife featuring a đoạn phim of Mariah Carey. It’s also totally normal for the Gossip Girl alum lớn mock Reynolds’ performance in Detective sầu Pikachu.

“I mean, he didn’t even change his voice,” she joked on Twitter in 2019. “It just sounds like him.”

The loving wisecracks might be standard practice for these two, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hilariously funny for the A Simple Favor actress khổng lồ make fun of her husband’s celebrity alcohol brand, Aviation Gin, only khổng lồ have sầu hlặng throw shade her way when she launched her own line of non-alcoholic mixers in September 2021.

Occasionally, the couple even team up to lớn troll for a good cause.

After Gerard Butler admitted he didn’t know what Free Guy was because he doesn’t watch Reynolds’ movies in a September 2021 interview, the Definitely, Maybe actor & Lively used the headline-making giả feud lớn raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP. Legal Defense Fund.