Silence Is The Most Powerful Scream

There’s a great quote from Eastern philosophy: “Silence is the most powerful scream.” We often talk about the importance of expressing ourselves, engaging in conflict and making our presence known—but the purposeful use of silence can also be a powerful tool for getting our message across. 

When we think about someone who projects a powerful stance, expresses their power, và ensures their voice is heard, we typically think of a more…assertive personality và approach.

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Perhaps you even think of someone who’s aggressive, domineering, và who yells và speaks loudly. Perhaps an assertive monster comes to mind, or a speaker captivating the room, or an in-law dominating a conversation, or maybe someone who drives và conducts in a meeting.

Power comes from expressing your voice & freely offering your feelings and opinions in life. When we think of power, we think of someone who makes a statement—someone who ensures their voice is heard.

This typical definition of power is one we see in the truyền thông media and learn about in school, so it becomes an integral part of our psyche. We see “powerful” in media moguls, politicians, and businessmen. We learn that people who are loud & famous get heard.

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Consequently, when we’re silent, we feel powerless. When our voice is quieted, we feel dominated & under someone else’s control. We feel lượt thích we’ve lost our ability lớn speak up. Maybe we’re silent to “show them” or khổng lồ make a point, but in the silence, there’s desperation or a loss of power.

We’ve discussed the danger & even the weakness in giving “the silent treatment” when it comes to lớn our relationships. When we silence our own voice and try to control others by giving them the cold shoulder, we’re actually picking the passive aggressive route. This “hidden middle finger” is unproductive at best, and can be highly damaging và detrimental at its worst. It doesn’t go anywhere, as both sides engage in a standoff, trying khổng lồ “show” the other just how much they can withhold.

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